Annual Fund Leadership Giving Societies

The 1821 Society and the Noah Webster Circle bring together Annual Fund supporters from each generation of Amherst graduates and parents who are dedicated to ensuring that today’s students experience the fullest possible range of intellectual, athletic, artistic, and internship opportunities.

From faculty grants that support interdisciplinary study, to summer science research grants, to scholarships that meet 100% of demonstrated need, gifts at every level of the 1821 Society combine to touch nearly every corner of academic and student life at Amherst. 

The 1821 Society and Noah Webster Circle

  Annual Gift Monthly Gift
1821 Society $1,821 $152
1821 Society (alumni 1-5 years out) $500 $42
1821 Society (alumni 6-10 years out) $1,000 $84
The Noah Webster Circle $10,000 $834
The Noah Webster Circle (alumni 1-20 years out) $5,000 $417
Annual Fund Scholars $25,000 $2,084


1821 Society Recognition ($1,821-$9,999)
  • The 1821 Journal, a special Amherst publication for 1821 donors.
  • Invitation to attend special 1821 Society events, both on and off campus.
  • An acknowledgment letter from the Director of the Annual Fund.
Noah Webster Circle Recognition ($10,000 and above)
  • Annual limited edition Bicentennial Plate.
  • An acknowledgment letter from the President of the College.
  • All of the 1821 Society recognition listed above. 
Annual Fund Scholars ($25,000 and above)
  • Make a gift of $25,000 to the Annual Fund Scholars program. Be matched directly with a student and underwrite their financial aid package for one year.

  • All of the Noah Webster Circle recognition listed above. 

The 1821 Society is named for the year the College was founded. The Noah Webster Circle honors the man and philanthropist who became the College's most famous founder.