The 1821 Society brings together philanthropic leaders from each generation of Amherst graduates, parents and friends who are dedicated to ensuring that today’s students experience the fullest possible range of intellectual, athletic, artistic, and internship opportunities. These foundational donors, who represent 12% of all Amherst Fund donors each year, contribute over 80% of the total dollars raised annually by the Amherst Fund.

The Amherst of today is the fulfillment of the promise alumni, families and friends made to the institution in its earliest days. Their love of the College—their confidence and investment in it—makes today's education possible.

We celebrate 1821 Society members with special publications, a small token of our appreciation and invitation-only events during Homecoming and Reunion.

1821 Society

Class Year Annual Gift* Monthly Gift
Alumni 1-5 years out $500-$999 $42+
Alumni 6-10 years out $1,000-$1,820 $84 +
Alumni 11+ years out $1,821-$9,999 $152 +

Noah Webster Circle

Class Year Annual Gift* Monthly Gift
Alumni 1-10 years out $5,000+ $417+
Alumni 11+ years out $10,000+ $834+

*This total amount can include matching gifts from your company.

The 1821 Society is named for the year the College was founded. The Noah Webster Circle honors the man and philanthropist who became the College's most famous founder.

Your Impact

The College was proud to count 1,502 donors as members of the 1821 Society in 2020 - 2021. Their support provided critical funding that sustained all aspects of student life on campus.

For members at the young alumni levels...

  • $600 can cover the average amount of an emergency grant to a student 
  • $1,000 can cover the cost of textbooks for one student for one year

For members giving $1,821 or more...

  • $1,821 can cover the average equivalent of three emergency grants for students who experience financial strain and need supplemental resources due to temporary hardship 
  • $4,100 is the equivalent of the average increase in financial aid in 2020-2021 due to the financial pressures on families during the pandemic

Questions about the 1821 Society?

Please contact Sarah Hart (, Director of Class Campaigns and Amherst Fund Leadership.