The 1821 Society

The 1821 Society brings together Amherst College supporters from each generation of Amherst graduates and parents who are dedicated to ensuring that today’s students experience the fullest possible range of intellectual, athletic, artistic, and internship opportunities. This year, 1821 Society gifts made up almost 80% of the Amherst Fund totals.

The Amherst of today is the fulfillment of the promise alumni, families and friends made to the institution in its earliest days. Their love of the College—their confidence and investment in it—make  today's education possible.

We celebrate 1821 Society members with special publications and invitation-only events, both on- and off- campus. 

  Annual Gift Monthly Gift
1821 Society $1,821 - $2,499 $152
Noah Webster Circle $10,000 - $24,999 $834

Young Alumni Leadership Giving (alumni 1-10 years out)

  Annual Gift Monthly Gift
1821 Society (alumni 1-5 years out) $500 - $999 $42
1821 Society (alumni 6-10 years out) $1,000 - $1820 $84
Noah Webster Circle (alumni 1-10 years out) $5,000 + $417
The 1821 Society is named for the year the College was founded. The Noah Webster Circle honors the man and philanthropist who became the College's most famous founder.

1821 plate large

The Amherst College Bicentennial Plate Series is issued to thank Noah Webster Circle donors ($10,000+ to the Amherst Fund) and to commemorate Amherst’s upcoming Bicentennial in 2021.  Each year’s plate will feature a different, custom-engraved campus scene. The inaugural plate featured Johnson Chapel (2011) and subsequent plates have featured the President's House (2012), the Octagon (2013), Charles Pratt Dormitory (2014), the Beneski Museum of Natural History (2015), Converse Hall (2016), Stearns Steeple and Mead Art Museum (2017), and Fayerwather Hall (2018). Upcoming plates will feature Kirby Theater (2019) and Morgan Hall (2020), culminating with a bi-centennial platter (2021).