Your Gift Matters

60% of Amherst's yearly budget has its roots in philanthropy.

Giving matters because the quality of an Amherst education and the College’s commitment to educational opportunity depend on it.

Giving is inspired by the belief that high-quality education is life-changing for individuals and essential to the well-being of society. It springs from a commitment to future generations and a desire to preserve educational opportunity for tomorrow’s students.

The philanthropy of alumni, parents and friends has made Amherst one of the premiere liberal arts colleges in the country—and has also made its financial aid program one of the most generous.

In fiscal year 2015, Amherst alumni, parents and friends provided cash gifts, bequests, and grants totaling $44.8 million. These included gifts to the endowment, financial aid, scholarships, fellowships, capital projects, the Annual Fund and more.

How your gift works for Amherst

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