Volunteer for the Amherst Fund

Amherst knows its excellence is sustained not only by its remarkable students, faculty, administrators, and staff, but by its network of dedicated volunteers.  Each year, in addition to their supporting gifts, approximately 1,100 alumni volunteer their time to the Amherst Fund.

Personal contact from volunteers helps strengthen the bond alumni and parents have with each other, the College, and the extended Amherst family. Such individualized, person-to-person connections are the foundation of our Amherst Fund. Volunteers serve as ambassadors for the College.

If you would like to volunteer for the Amherst Fund, please contact the staff at the Development office at (413) 542-2313 or email us.

Whether you’re a long-term volunteer or new to the team, please know we are grateful you have made Amherst a priority. Thank you for your dedication to—and for your own generous support of—Amherst. 

Volunteer Opportunities in the Amherst Fund

Class Agent

The College’s Amherst Fund has a long tradition of excellence and this success is a result of strong class-based efforts. To this end, the Class Agent is responsible for recruiting, supporting, encouraging, and managing a team of Associate Agents and 1821 Chair(s); assigning classmates to those Associate Agents and 1821 Chair(s); soliciting gifts, particularly from the Associate Agents, 1821 Chair(s) and class officers; helping determine and implement strategies towards the class dollar, 1821 Society, and participation goals for the class; and maintaining close contact with staff liaison in the Amherst Fund.  

Associate Agent

Recruited by the Class Agent to aid in the Amherst Fund drive, the Associate Agent is expected to lead by example and to make a gift to the Amherst Fund before asking others to do the same. An Associate Agent is responsible for speaking with each classmate they are assigned, soliciting a gift, thanking each donor, and providing regular updates to the Class Agent.

1821 Chair

Working closely with the Class Agent, the 1821 Chair oversees the class’s efforts to secure Amherst Fund gifts at the leadership level through the 1821 Society, sometimes recruiting a committee to help in preparation for Reunion. May be involved in assisting the Class Agents to set class goals and class correspondence. The 1821 Society recognizes the founding year of the College and provides recognition to donors who give $1,821 or more, with two special gift levels for young alumni 1-5 years out ($500) and 6-10 years out ($1,000).

Johnson Chapel Associate Chair

Promotes awareness about the Johnson Chapel Associates to classmates. Serves as a liaison between the class and the Office of Gift Planning in referring classmates who would like more information about giving to the College through bequests and life income gifts. Coordinates with Class Agents and the College to thank and welcome new JCA members. Reports at Reunion JCA member counts and welcomes those who are new to the JCA as well as the five-year impact of the JCA on the class totals at Reunion.

Reunion Lead Gifts Committee Member

In preparation for the 25th Reunion, this committee identifies and solicits leadership gifts for the Amherst Fund and helps the College identify endowed fund prospects. The committee may be led by the 1821 Chairs or other class donors.

In preparation for the 50th Reunion, this committee identifies and solicits leadership gifts for the Amherst Fund, and helps the College identify endowed fund pledge prospects, and Johnson Chapel Associate Members in support of scholarships, endowment, capital, and other purposes. The committee  may be led by 1821 Chairs, Johnson Chapel Associate Chairs, or other class donors to solicit increased gifts in celebration of this milestone year.

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