AF Update August 9, 2021

Hello from the Valley!

I hope you’re having a great start to August and that the rest of your summer includes some good breaks with family and friends. I am about to take a long road trip to Minnesota and back, and I am excited to stop at local restaurants, including a hot dog bar owned by a college classmate I don’t really know (but who is going to be my best friend, clearly). If you have podcast or audio book recommendations, please let me know! And don’t judge me for eating hot dogs—it’s a food group for me, and I stand by it.

We had a great end to the year, thanks to your efforts. We finished ahead in donors compared to last year, and together, we set a new dollar record for Amherst. Wow! Thank you for everything you did to make that possible.

There are details below, as well as the final trophy results. A special shout-out to all this year’s winners in this challenging year (a phrase I am very excited to stop using).

Please stay safe, and here is to a happy, healthy, and restful summer for you and your friends and family!

Go Amherst!

Traci Wolfe
Senior Director of Constituent Programs

Final Numbers

We finished the year at a record-setting $11,985,212 (of which $10,715,326 was from the Alumni Fund). We had 9,765 alumni donors (and 10,005 total donors). Alumni participation was 44%. We were ahead in the number of donors to the Alumni Fund this year compared to last year at this time. Wow! Thank you for working to get every Lybunt back on board: our retention rate this year was a whopping 86 percent.

Trophy Winners

The trophy race was fierce this year, and our congratulations to the winning classes and their fantastic and dedicated leadership. Also, a special thank you to the amazing Class of 1956 for reaching 100 percent participation again this year! Hooray for Hank Pearsall, Peter Levison and the whole team!

Chairs Trophy (Largest Gift 1-15 years out)
Class of 2006 ($86,933)

Irradient Trophy (Highest Participation 1-15 years out)
Class of 2007 (45.5%)

Class of 1958 Trophy (Largest Gift 16-25 years out)
Class of 1996 ($347,887)

Class of 1956 Trophy (Highest Participation 16-25 years out)
Class of 1996 (51.9%)

Memorial Hill Trophy (Largest Gift 26 years out or more)
Class of 1991 ($753,881)

President Trophy (Highest Participation 26 years out or more)
Class of 1956 (100%)

Trustees Trophy (Greatest Increase in Dollars, 1-25 years out, non-reunion)
Class of 1999 ($40,507)

Founders Trophy (Greatest Increase in Participation, 26 years out or more, non-reunion)
Class of 2014 (7.0%)

Eugene S. Wilson Award (Greatest Increase in Dollars, 26 years out or more, non-reunion)
Class of 1977 ($79,139)

Alfred Guest Award (Greatest Increase in Participation, 26 years out or more, non-reunion)
Class of 1995 (4.8%)