AF Update October 6, 2021

Hello from Amherst (and at last I mean that literally)!

Like so many of you, the Amherst Fund team has been working remotely since March 2020, but as of the week of September 13, we are slowly returning to the office as part of the College’s new hybrid work pilot. It was a little bit like walking into a time capsule when I got back to my office, but it was nice to see colleagues outside of their little Zoom boxes.

What was even happier was seeing students back on campus—all 2,000 of them! This is the largest number of students ever on the Amherst campus, and after some additional safety precautions, everyone is settling in—happily, and just as important, safely. Students are still tested twice a week, but in-person dining has opened up and the Mammoths are back on the fields and courts.

Thank you for your support and patience during this time. The pandemic has brought losses in so many ways, from loved ones to the ways we come together to support each other. I have been beyond moved by the way the Amherst community has responded, not just to world events (the doctors, the public health leaders, and those making the vaccines possible!), but also to the students and faculty here at the College.

Last year, we set a new dollar record in the Amherst Fund thanks to over 10,000 alumni. Your work and generosity lifted up the College’s students and faculty, allowing Amherst to respond to the crisis by supporting students with emergency funding, new technology, and internship and job opportunities. You are amazing.

And now it’s time to do it again, and I am excited to kick off the Amherst Fund this fall. I am proud to be part of this team and this effort—along with volunteers like you. Please keep an eye on your email inbox because you’ll be receiving your e-packet soon. So let’s do this!

Go Amherst!

With all my best from the Valley,

Traci Wolfe
Sr. Director of the Amherst Fund

News from the College

There has been a lot of news from the College, but before we get to any of that, I hope that you saw Biddy’s announcement that this will be her last year as president. A presidential search will be underway, which you will hear more about as the year progresses. The search committee includes faculty, trustees, alumni, staff and students. In the meantime, know that your work this year will be a celebration of this moment.

Bicentennial Celebration

Speaking of celebrations, Amherst has celebrated its Bicentennial in some creative (and remote!) ways. The Bicentennial website, books, and presentations (and a game or two) have allowed alumni to participate. And we’re not done! The Amherst Fund is planning a Bicentennial campaign for November. Stay tuned for some fun—and historic—swag that we hope alumni love as much as we do.

Fall Calendar   

We have a lot planned for this fall, and the calendar will be posted on ClassLink as well.

October 8:  First appeal mailed to all alumni and families (letter from President of the Society of the Alumni Kathy Chia ’88, P’22)

October 12: First email appeal to all alumni and families (from President of the Society of the Alumni Kathy Chia ’88, P’22)

November 1-14: Bicentennial Giveaway Campaign (you’ll see it first, but we’re keeping it a secret for now)

December: Third appeal mailed to all “mail-likely” alumni and families (we send this letter to those who usually respond to letters)

Emails throughout the month (we have a theme for the month, and we’re sticking to it!)

December 31:        Final calendar year-end appeal

Our phonathon runs from October 13-December 9, so if you get a call, please let the student caller know that you are an Amherst Fund volunteer. I know there are more than a few former phonathon callers among our volunteers. Hooray for you!

1821 Society Webpage

A special thank you to our 1821 Society donors—they are only 12 percent of our donors, but they make up 80 percent of dollar totals. Learn more about the 1821 Society on a new updated page, and thank you to this group of leadership donors.


Don’t forget that there are a lot of volunteer tools out there to help you in your work on behalf of the Amherst Fund. Log in to ClassLink, check in with your class manager, and keep up on all things Amherst. We’re here to help (and we love to hear from you!).