Giving Appreciated Securities to Amherst College

When you give Amherst appreciated marketable securities that you have owned long term (for more than one year and a day), you receive a tax deduction for the full value of the gift, and neither you nor Amherst will have to pay the capital gains tax. Many Amherst supporters choose to make their gift commitments with appreciated securities.

How to Donate Securities (Certificate) Physically in the Hands of the Donor

Mail the certificate with a letter stating specifically what is being donated and the designation of the gift to AmherstCollege.  In a separate envelope mail an endorsed stock power with a copy of the letter. Both should be mailed to:

Amherst College
Attention: Rose LeVay
Office of the Chief Financial Officer
P.O. Box 5000
Amherst, MA 01002-5000

If the certificate is for more shares than the donor wishes to gift, the stock power should transfer the total number of shares represented by the certificate. In the letter, the donor should specify how many shares go to the College and how many shares should be returned to the donor. The donor must include his/her social security number so a certificate may be reissued in his/her name.

How to Donate Securities in the Hands of a Broker

Rose LeVay in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer at Amherst College (e-mail; phone number 413-542-2325, fax 413-542-2478) should be notified of what security is being donated, the number of shares, and the designation of the gift, in addition to the broker's name and phone number. The broker should be contacted by the donor to instruct him/her to transfer the gift to Amherst College. 

***Important: new information required***

Resulting from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, a 1.4% excise tax of net investment income will be imposed on Amherst. In order to provide us with the data necessary to accurately calculate Amherst’s excise tax liability, we are requesting that you report the tax basis (typically the cost basis) for the securities you are donating. Please click here for the form.

If the security is held in a Merrill Lynch or Morgan Stanley Smith Barney account, the stock can be transferred directly to Amherst College's Merrill Lynch or Morgan Stanley Smith Barney accounts:

Merrill Lynch Account # 72F-03001
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Account # 357-901953-208

All other securities can be transferred through the Depository Trust Company (DTC):

National Financial Services - SSGM
DTC # 0226
Account # ABE-073660
Amherst College Gift Account
Reference: Gift from: (donor’s name)                   
New York, NY
Attention:  Mark Brooks/State Street Corporation
Phone:  816- 871-7845
It is imperative that you notify Amherst about your gift prior to transferring the shares.

Any questions about how to handle a security transaction should be directed to Rose LeVay in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer at (413) 542-2325.

Other Transactions and Questions

To donate mutual fund shares, or for any questions about how to handle a security transaction, please contact Rose LeVay in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer at (413) 542-2325 /

To transfer securities for life income gifts, please contact Julie Lackner in the development office at (413) 542-5193

Sample Fax Cover Sheet