Welcome to the Amherst College online job application web site, jobs.amherst.edu.

Completing an online application for a job at Amherst College is a multi-step process. You will:

  1. Create your account;
  2. Create your profile;
  3. Complete the application for the job(s) for which you wish to apply.

At any time you may save the application, without completing it, and then return as often as necessary to finish and submit it.

You have the option to provide electronic files of your cover letter, resume, etc, using the Upload Documents section of the application, or to complete the form sections on Employment Experience and Education.

Throughout the job application required information is labeled in RED.

Create your account

· You must have a valid e-mail account to receive e-mail from us. If you do not have one you may sign up for a free service such as Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail.

· Open a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and go to jobs.amherst.edu.

· Click Create Account.

· In the window that opens enter the required information: first name, last name, e-mail address, and a password of your choice. Click Create Account.

· Using the same computer you will have up to 60 minutes to log in to your e-mail account, open the e-mail message from us, and click on the web link it contains. When you do you will be taken to the My Profile screen at our job application web site.

NOTE: If you do not see the message in your e-mail inbox be sure to check the junk mail folder or location where spam messages are sent. Some e-mail systems may mark the message as spam and you will need to make sure that any future e-mail from us goes directly to your Inbox.

Create your Profile

The My Profile screen contains three sections

· In the first section enter personal information; required items are labeled in RED.

· In the second section you may change your password.

· The third section is a series of questions, and responding to them is optional. If you do provide answers here, the responses will automatically be entered into any job application where they are required, saving you the need to manually enter them. You may edit or add information at any time by logging into your account on the web site and clicking the My Profile button in the left navigation menu.

· When you have finished entering information click the Update Profile button.

Prepare electronic versions of your resume, cover letter, etc. (Optional)

If you choose to submit electronic files of your resume, cover letter, etc., we suggest that you prepare them before you begin the online application. The preferred formats for these documents are PDF or Microsoft Word. Make a note of where you save them on your computer because you will need to browse to this location during the file upload process.

Complete the online application

Remember, you may save the application without completing it and then return as often as necessary to finish and submit it. To Save, scroll to the bottom of the application window and click on the Save Application button. When you wish to return and work on it again, direct your web browser to jobs. amherst.edu and login. Click on the link to the job for which you are applying. Under Position Information you will be able to click where it asks if you want to continue with the application.

The application contains the following sections. Enter information as requested.

· Contact Information – required.

· Upload Documents – optional.

· Employment Experience - required if you do not upload electronic files of resume, cover letter, etc.

· Education – required if you do not upload electronic files of resume, cover letter, etc.

· Questions – required.

· Statement of understanding – required.

When you have entered all information and are ready to submit your application, click the Submit Application button to send it to us in the Human Resources Office.