The Course Catalog System also lets you edit your department's non-course material in the catalog such as information about the major and related courses. Only one person per department--usually the ADC--should be delegated the task of editing non-course material.

To access the non-course material, go to the catalog system, click the year you are interested in, and then click the link on the right hand side that reads "xxxx Non-course materials" where "xxxx" is the academic year (e.g., 1011) you're working on.

From the list of Departments, click the one you want to edit.

You'll see a view of the current catalog material for the department. To update it, scroll to the bottom and click Edit.


The edit screen has three distinct sections:


All information that comes before the course listings in the catalog goes into the preamble section, including listing of faculty, despartment description, and major information. Also, if your department uses headings and even paragraph-length material in the middle of its list of courses in the catalog, put that material into the preamble section.

  • On page 122 of the 2008-2009 printed catalog, the heading Arabic and a descriptive paragraph appears in the middle of the information for the Asian Languages and Civilizations department. This heading and paragraph should appear in the Preamble section.
  • In Math and Computer Science, the Mathematics and Computer Science sections should both appear in the Preamble, even though in the printed catalog these sections are divided (by the Math course listings).
  • Music (and many other departments) breaks up its course listing with headings. These heading should appear in the Preamble.

Related Courses:

This section lets you choose the related courses to appear in the catalog. BE CAREFUL! On a Windows computer, always hold down the Control key (CTRL) key when clicking on a related course; on a Mac, always hold down the Apple key. To add a related course, hold the CTRL or Apple key and click on the name of the course in the list. To delete a related course, hold the CTRL or Apple key and, again, click on the name of the course. NOTE THAT IF YOU DON'T HOLD DOWN THE CTRL OR APPLE KEY WHEN YOU CLICK ON A COURSE, YOU WILL REPLACE ALL THE RELATED COURSES YOU CURRENTLY HAVE SELECTED WITH THE SINGLE COURSE YOU JUST CLICKED ON.

Some departments (e.g., Anth-Soc, Environmental Studies) have more than one list of related courses. In such cases, select ALL related courses for the department. The lists will be separated during the production process.


If your department publishes any information in the catalog after its list of courses and related courses, it should appear in the postamble section.


Once you and your department are satisfied with the updates you've made to the non-course material, you can change the Workflow State from ADC/Faculty to Publication.