New Look for the Calendar

Dec. 14, 2022—The College Event Calendar now has a new, more streamlined look.

The event submission process is the same, except that larger images will be required going forward: Images will need to be at least 1080x1080. (Previously submitted events don’t need to have the images changed.) As before, images will be cropped to a square for display on the main Calendar page, and to a wider size for the event’s details page.

Note that the day’s events will no longer be included in the Daily Mammoth. Instead, a link to the calendar will be provided at the bottom of every Daily Mammoth email. 

Questions? Contact a calendar administrator »

campus center in autumn

Photos for Events

Need a photo for your event? Browse our images folder! We’ve included photos of College buildings, as well as seasonal campus photos, stock art, and more.

Note: The Event Calendar and the Daily Mammoth are two different systems. Submit events to the calendar, and announcements (for example, if you wish to promote an event ahead of time) to the Daily Mammoth.

Submitting Events to the Calendar

There are two ways to submit an event:

  1. College Calendar Submission Form — Your event will go into the queue for review by the Office of Communcations.
  2. Department Website Calendar — Create a new event on your department calendar and check the box to “Include this event on the main College calendar.” Events submitted via department calendars appear immediately on the College calendar. 

Editing Events

If you need to make changes to your published event, or need to cancel an event, please use this form to contact a calendar administrator, which will notify several people in the Office of Communications. To have your edit applied by the next business day, please submit the form by 1 p.m. The web form is monitored Monday through Friday during traditional business hours. 

If you manage a department calendar, you can edit your events in your department calendar and those edits will be reflected on the main College calendar.

Adding an Image to Your Event

To increase the visibility of your event, upload an image when creating the event.

Images must be at least 1080x1080 pixels. Images will be cropped to a square for display on the main Calendar page, and to a wider size for the event’s details page. Allowed file types are PNG, GIF, JPG, and JPEG. 

Please don’t upload an image of an entire poster with a lot of text in it (images with lots of text in them aren’t accessible). Instead, upload the primary image used in the poster, such as a photo of the speaker.  

Featuring Your Event at the Top of the Calendar

To request that your event be featured at the top of the College calendar, check the box labelled, “Request that this event be featured at the top of the calendar.” An image will be required. We cannot guarantee that all events will be featured at the top of the calendar.

Featuring Your Event on the College Homepage

The Office of Communications features a handful of upcoming events on the College homepage at any given time during the academic year. We choose events based on public appeal and variety. If you would like us to consider featuring your event, please contact a calendar administrator. Please keep in mind that the audience for the College homepage is more external than internal. To promote your event to an on-campus audience, we recommend that you post a Daily Mammoth announcement

Planning Your Event

See Communication’s guide to event planning to learn about reserving spaces, arranging catering or AV equipment, publicizing your event in local media, and more.

If you need help with the calendar, please contact a calendar administrator.