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Questions and answers about working with the Amherst website.

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General navigation

How do I log in? 

How do I change my password?

How do I change the personal information in My Profile?

How do I find a specific student, faculty or staff member, or alum?

How do I upload or change the personal photograph that is used in class rosters, profile pages, and other places on the website

Creating and editing content

How do I create an article on a web page?

How do I use the article editor?

Basic editing

How do I create links in my articles to other web pages and websites? 

How do I copy and paste text from a Word document onto my website?

Working with Pictures and other files

How do I include a picture or other file in an article?

How do I upload files (pictures, PDFs, Word, music, etc) so I can insert them into my articles?

How do I create a picture gallery?

How do I change the order of pictures in a gallery?

Advanced Article Settings

How do I only show the beginning (or teaser) of a long article on a page, and provide a link to the complete article?

How do I publish an article at a scheduled date and time, and later 'unpublish' it?

How do I turn off comments on my articles? 

How do I remove the "submitted by" tagline from my articles?

How do I delete an article or a page? 

How do I recover an article or page I have deleted? 

How do I revert to an earlier version of an article?

Working with Pages

How do I create a new page?

How do I create a hidden page for file uploads?

How do I set permissions on my page to restrict who can see it?

How do I change the order of the left-hand menu items?

How do I change the order of articles on a page?

How do I hide a page so it doesn't appear in the left-hand menu? How do I unhide a page?

How do I move a page or multiple pages to a new location on the website?

How do I automatically redirect a page to a completely different location? 

How do I include the "Add this page to My Amherst" button on my pages?