How to add rotating photos under the left-hand menu

Note: This process is recommended for advanced users only!

  1. Go to the page where you want the rotating photos to appear in the left column.
  2. Make a sub-page.  (If you don't have a particular name in mind, try photos.)
  3. Make another sub-page under that containing the photos you want to rotate (and no other files). Make sure all the photos are 200x130 pixels.
  4. Click Menu and layout.
  5. Under Location on screen, choose Left column picture.
  6. Click Save settings.
  7. Click Add content and choose Gallery.
  8. Title your gallery anything you want.  If you don't want the gallery title to be visible, surround the title with square brackets: [My Title]
  9. Click the Add... button.  Browse to select the page of photos you created, and select all.
  10. Under Appearance, check Show a single, random image that is not clickable.
  11. Under Image size, choose Original size.
  12. Uncheck all the show options (show image titles, etc.).
  13. In the Comment Settings section, disable comments.
  14. Click Save.