Sample custom reports for Google Analytics

This page exists to share custom reports with other members of the community. If you've created a custom report that you'd like to share, touch base with David Hamilton and he'll get it added here. If you have a request for a custom report, ask for help in the Discussion page and consider sharing it once you create it.

It's important to remember that custom reports share the framework of the report, and not the actual data. If you run a custom report and it shows, for example, that your site had 100 hits, and you share that report with a colleague, that same report might show your site had 102 hits, because they're running the report at a different time than you did. Custom reports are still extremely useful - you just need to be aware of how they work.

Click on the links below to add community contributed reports to your analytics. To review a custom report, click on the 'Custom Reporting' tab once you're logged into Google Analytics.

Site usage by class year - add this report to your google analytics

Site usage by Role - add this report to your google analytics