Submitted by Willa W. Jarnagin


How can I create a photo gallery?

  1. First, create a subpage containing the photos you'd like to include in the gallery. Keep in mind that the order in which your photos appear on this subpage is the order in which they'll appear in the gallery. (Content appears in reverse chronological order -- the most recent item added to a page will appear at the top.)
  2. Now go to the page where you want the gallery to appear. (Don't put your gallery on the same page as the uploaded photos. ) Click "Add" in the yellow bar, and select "Gallery."
  3. Title your gallery, add text to the body area if you wish (it will appear above your gallery).
  4. Under "What to show in gallery," click the "Add..." button to select the subpage you made of your photos. Click "Select all" to select all your photos.
  5. You'll have a few different options for how your gallery can look. The default option is "show a grid of thumbnails." This option shows small photos that, when clicked, open the photos to their full size in a 'slide show' format.
  6. Choose whether to show the photo titles, captions and viewers' comments.
  7. If you don't want people to be able to post comments on your photos, check "disabled" under "Comment Settings."
  8. Submit.

To change any of your gallery options at any time, click the "Edit" link under your gallery. To add photos, simply add them to the subpage containing your other photos.

How can I make a right column containing text and photos?

If you wish to make a right column, as on this magazine page for example, you can create a "table" and assign a special style to it that will make it "float" to the right.
  1. When creating or editing your article, place your cursor at the top left of your content -- before the very first letter of your first paragraph. Then click the "Insert a new table" icon in the toolbar.
    Insert or edit a table
  2. Among the table options, specify 1 column and 1 row, a cell padding of 10, and a width of 25% (you can change this later). Under "Class," choose "table right-aligned." (Do not set the "Alignment" option.) Leave the border at 0. Click Insert.
    Table Properties
  3. You will now have a little box sitting to the right of your content. Paste text and insert photos into the box, and it will expand vertically to contain the content. It will also expand horizontally to contain a photo that's larger than the box.
  4. You can change the width of the table any time by selecting the table and clicking the "Insert a new table" icon (when an existing table is selected, this icon will edit the existing table).

How can I move a page I've already created?

  1. Before you move your page, consider how many links you have on your page, and how many other pages might be linked to your page. Amherst's web system will automatically fix your main navigation (the left-hand menu), but it will not fix links in the body of the page. You will have to update those links manually. And anyone else linking to you will also have to manually fix any links in the body of their pages.
  2. If you decide to move your page, log in and go to the page you'd like to move. Under the "Settings" tab, click "Copy/Move." Check "Move this page and any sub-pages."
  3. IMPORTANT: Be sure to check "When copying, also copy the contents," in order to move your articles, images and anything else you have posted on your page.
  4. Choose a destination -- the place you want to move your page to.
  5. Click "Go!"

How can I change the photo above the navigation menu in the left column?

Note: This process is recommended for advanced users only!

  1. First, make sure your photo is 200 pixels wide by 130 pixels tall. You will need to use Photoshop or another image editing program to resize/crop your image.
  2. Log in to the Website and go to the page where you want to change the left photo.
  3. Under the Settings tab, choose "Add sub-page." Call this subpage "photo."
  4. Under "Appearance," choose "Upper left photo."
  5. Submit.
  6. Click "Add content," then choose "File upload." Browse to select the 200 x 130-pixel photo from your computer.
  7. Under "Comment settings," check "Disable comments."
  8. Submit.

The new photo will appear in the left column, with an "Edit" link superimposed over it. No one but you will see the edit link. From now on, whenever you want to change the left column photo, you can simply click the "Edit" link on the photo and browse to select a new photo. Always make sure your photos for the left column are 200 x 130 pixels.

Tip: If you ever forget to resize the image before uploading it, and want to delete it, you'll see that the image is overlapping the Delete button. Enlarge your text until the Delete button is visible (in Firefox, go to View/Text Size).

How can I add rotating photos to the left column, so that a different photo will appear each time the page is refreshed?

Note: This process is recommended for advanced users only!

  1. Make a subpage containing the photos you want to rotate (and no other files). Make sure all the photos are 200x130 pixels.
  2. Go to the page where you want the rotating photos to appear in the left column.
  3. Make a subpage called "rotating-photos." (You can call it anything you want, actually.)
  4. Under "Appearance," choose "Upper left photo."
  5. Submit.
  6. Click "Add content" and choose "Gallery."
  7. Title your gallery anything you want -- the title won't show.
  8. Browse to select your page of photos, and "select all."
  9. Check "Show one image that opens a popup window."
  10. Check "Random."
  11. For thumbnail size and larger image size, choose "original size."
  12. Uncheck all the "show" options (show image titles, etc.).
  13. Disable comments.
  14. Submit.