Follow these steps to delete a page:

  1. Browse to the page you want to delete
  2. Click on the Settings tab.
  3. Click Delete on the Toolbar.
  4. When prompted to either Delete or Cancel, hit Delete.

  5. The current page and any sub-pages are move to a Recycle bin and you are brought to the parent page of the page you just deleted.

When you delete a page and any sub-pages the system creates a recycle bin to temporarily store the page(s) you deleted, giving you a chance to change your mind. The recycle bin is hidden from everyone except those who have permissions to edit the page. Pages in the recycle bin will not show up in search results.

When you delete a page you also delete any articles, file uploads, and other content on the page. Because the website has the ability to display content items on more than one page, deleting a page doesn't necessarily delete all instances of its content.