Recycle Bin

A recycle bin is a temporary location that stores deleted pages and their sub-pages. You can have multiple recycle bins active at a time.

When you delete a page (and any sub-pages), the system creates a new item in the Navigation menu named [Recycle bin] and places it under the deleted page's parent page. If the parent page has other children the [Recycle bin] will always appear last in the list of child pages. A recycle bin is hidden from everyone except those with edit permissions on the page. Its contents are hidden from searches.

Note that a parent page can have only one recycle bin; if you delete a second child of the same parent, the second page goes into the same recycle bin. In the example screenshot, test, test2, and test3 were all at one time children of the page named "Add sub-page." Subsequently, and at different times, test and test2 were deleted. Both appear in the same recycle bin (i.e., both appear below the [Recycle bin] item in the Navigation menu).

A page remains in the recycle bin for 30 days unless you:
The latter two delete the page immediately. After 30 days the page is permanently deleted.

Restoring a Page

When you click on [Recycle bin] in the Navigation menu you see the following:

The Contents tab is active by default. This lets you work with individual pages in the recycle bin. In the example, to undelete the page named "test" you would do the following.
  1. Click on the page name ("test," in the example) in the Navigation menu.

  2. Click on the Settings tab.

  3. Click on the Restore link.

  4. Finally, click the Restore button to undelete the page and retore it to its original location in Navigation menu.

Delete a Page Permanently

To delete a page permanently you follow the first two steps above. Instead of clicking the Restore link, however, you instead press the Delete permanently link. When you get the choice to Delete or Cancel, press the Delete button. The page is now permanently deleted.

Empty a Recycle Bin

Instead of dealing with individual deletions you can also opt to permanently delete everything in a recycle bin by first clicking on [Recycle bin] in the Navigation menu and then clicking the Empty Recycle bin tab.

Click the Empty bin button to permanently delete everyting in the recycle bin.