General Settings

Under general settings you see just two items:

Page Name: The page name is used internally to refer to the current page. It is used in the Navigation menu as the pointer to the page and anytime you need to browse through the site. Instances of the latter include when you copy or move a page, when you assign content to more than one page, or when you look for uploaded files to insert into an article.

URL Name: The URL name for the page is used in the address area of web browsers and also by internal and external links. Therefore, it needs to "internet friendly;" i.e., no capital letters, no spaces, and limited special characters such as dashes ("-") and underscores "_"). For example, if the page name is Department Special Events, appropriate URL names would include department_special_events, specialevents, events, and dept_events.

You use general settings to change Page and URL names. You should think twice about changing URL names because by doing so you break any internal and external links to the page.