Changes to Our Moodle with Version 2.5

The following changes have been made to Amherst College's Moodle implementation when we went from version 2.2 to 2.5.  Most of these changes will only be important to faculty members and others who maintain courses and add/edit content.

  1. The Settings block has become the Administration block.
  2. Pages where content is defined have been changed so that subsections initially are collapsed. Content on these pages have been rearranged and relabelled but changes are mostly obvious.
  3. The course settings page has a new look.  Most inportantly, the Available to Students option has become a simple pull-down menu called Visible in the General section.
  4. The editing icons have all changed appearane.
  5. Files can now be added by dragging and dropping either directly on the page or to the file resource definition screen. Files added this way directly to a page will use the filename as the item name. This can be changed using a new icon.
  6. All assignments have been combined into a new assignment activity.  The old format, listed as Assignment 2.2 is still available for backward compatibility but should be avoided for new assignments.  The new assignment allows for multiple types of student response to a single assignment.
  7. A new Activity Chooser interface for adding content is now available through the Course Administration block. You can toggle between the old system with two pull down menus and the new one with a single list.
  8. The rearrangement of course sections now works dependably.
  9. The option to display only one section with a Jump To option at the bottom of the screen is no longer available.  The collapsedTopic course format is the functional equivalent.
  10. A bug with activity feedback has been fixed.
  11. There's a new workshop activity for student-rated assignments
  12. It is now possible to rename files within folders.
  13. Changing a course format will cause the appropriate options to be displayed in the Course Format section to the course settings page. The CollapsedTopics format has been updated and the strange edit icon that had appeared on the course page is gone. Modify this format just like any format by going to the course settings page.
  14. Private files have been enabled.  A file loaded into your private files can then be loaded into any of your courses. You have the choice of either duplicating the file in each course or simply load a pointer back to the copy in your private file area. You can not drag and drop a file from the Private Files block to your course.
  15. The virtual classroom has undergone significan improvements and bug fixes. It is no longer possible for a guest to your class to access the virtual classroom so if you want a guest lecturer you will need to arrange for them to be added to your course.
  16. Spell checking in the editor is now automatic so there is no longer a spell check button.
  17. The editing window now opens in a collapsed format without the toolbar. Click on the tab in the upper left of the editing window to see the tools.  The tools must be visible for you to expand the size of the editing window.