Audio/Video assignment require you to use the audio/video features of your computer to record a file.  To do this type of assignment you'll need to have either a microphone and/or camera attached to your computer.  The assignment will appear in your Moodle course as


with the text varying according to the assignment.  All assignments use the same type icon so unless the label makes it obvious, you'll have to open the assignment to determine what kind of assignment it is. Clicking on this link will bring up the assignment interface

Student A.V. interface

To record your submission, click on the Record button.  This will change the interface.

Audio or Video option choice

Clicking on the icon to the left will do an audio recording while the icon to the right will do video.  Once you make that choice you may get the following dialogue (if you don't, don't worry about it).

Adobe Flash player settings interface

This is asking you to give the assignment software permission to use your camera or microphone.  The permission is only granted while you are recording the assignment.  Click on Allow.  You will immediately begin recording so be ready.

A.V. Recording

There will not be a picture if recording audio.  The color bars at the bottom indicate volume level.  When done click on the Stop button.

If you select the assignment a second time from the course page, the display will immediately start playing the recorded file.  You can, however, click on the Record button and replace the existing file with a new one.  You can do this as many times as you'd like.

Remember that Assignments pass information between you and the instructor.  Your recordings are not available to other students.  However, anyplace where you enter text using the editor you can create an audio/video file.  See the general help page on adding audio/visual recordings.