What Kinds of Activities are Supported?

Valid for Moodle 2.8.  Updated on 8/13/2015.

Activities allow your students to actively participate in the course either by directly adding content to the course or by uploading work they have done outside of Moodle. Depending on the type of activity, what they upload may or may not be visible to other students.

Only students can submit or create work with an activity. Whether guests can see student work varies with the activity.

Using an activity is a multiple part process.  First, the activity must be created by the instructor who defines some basic characteristics of that activity. Many activities then involve a second step where the instructor defines part or all of the contents of the activity.  For instance, after creating a quiz the instructor must define the questions in the quiz.  Next, the student must perform the activity.  And finally, the instructor can look at and, where appropriate, grade the activity.

How do I use the...

For some of less often used activities above, we have not prepared local documentation and rely on moodle.org.

There are also two non-standard activities that were added as plugins. We have linked to what documentation we have found.