How Do I Use the Attendance Activity?

Valid for Moodlel 2.8. Updated on 7/29/2015.The attendance activity allows an instructor to record student attendance in the course sessions. In creating the activity the only values you need to input are an activity name and a grade.This is one of the rare cases where a name is suggested. A single course may have many different attendance activities; one for lectures, one for labs, even possibly for special activities.

If you're not going to give an attendance grade you can set the grade type to None.

New attendance interface

Two other sections (not shown here) - Common module settings and Restrict access - are common activity options. Usually the defaults will be fine.

You can put the activity anywhere in your course you want. Students will be allowed to see only their own attendance or you can hide the activity and block student access.

To use the activity, click on the name that you gave it in your course. This will bring up the sessions tab. Initially this will be empty. The first thing you need to do is to define what sessions you are taking attendance for. In this example, we're going to just track attendance at a class. This is defined in the ADD tab.

Adding sessions

The Frequency value indicates how often the pattern of sessions is repeated. In this case, we have meetings three times a week but only on every other week.

Once the sessions are created you can review them using the Sessions tab.

Attendance sessions tab

By default this tab shows the current week. From here you can take attendance using for a particular session by clicking on the green icon on the right.

Taking attendance

The options here are present (P), late (L), excused (E) and absent (A). Remember to hit the Save attendance button (below the user list and now shown here) when done.

You can see the attendance report by going to the Report tab.

Attendance report

In this case attendance has only been taken for the first two session. If a student has dropped the course attendance can no longer be taken for them. However, if they had attended early sessions, they would still be available.

It is possible to change the attendance options, and the grade value of each, by using the Settings tab.

Attendance settings tab

In addition to the activity itself, there is an attendance block that will give you quick access to the attendance information.

attendance block

This offers a quick way to access the attendance activity or, as in this case, activities.