How can use the Virtual Classroom with a guest lecturer?

Valid for Moodle 2.8.  Updated on 7/31/2015.In order for a guest lecture to use the virtual classroom they must be a member of the class in some role. If appropriate, you can request that they be added to the course as a teaching assistent using the classroom assistant request form. Another alternative would be to contact Academic Technology services and see about having them added as an Outside Collaborator. In either case, please plan ahead so any problems adding them to the course can be dealt with well before the time they need to use the virtual classroom.

To have a guest lecturer use the virtual classroom, do the following:

  1. As the instructor, join the virtual classroom.
  2. Have the guest lecturer sign into Moodle and go to the class. They should then click on the name of the virtual classroom that you want them to participate in.
  3. Make them the presenter by clicking on their name in the Users window and then clicking the Switch Presenters button below.  They will now be able to control the presentation including uploading material to the Presentation window.

Information about using the Virtual Classroom, also known as the Big Blue Button is available in some excellent, short videos.  You may want to send your guest lecturer the link to this material,, before the presentation.

Warning:  If you use the camera feature to send video, you can minimize the video display window.  However, this only minimizes it on your system.  The students will continue to be able to see what your camera shows.  To prevent the students from seeing through the camera, close rather than minimize the video display window.

Warning:  We have seen problems with the cursor sometimes becoming invisible.  Usually clicking the mouse will cause it to appear again.  We're not sure if this is a real problem or just an artifact of our running multiple sessions on the same computer during testing.

Warning: You can set the virtual classroom so that students can't enter it until the instructor is present.  Unfortunately, if a student tries to enter early, they are told they can't but are never told when the instructor shows up.  They need to leave the classroom and re-enter after the instructor enters the classroom.