How do I use the Scheduler

Valid for Moodle 2.5.  Updated on 1/27/2014.The scheduler activity allows your students to sign up for a time slot. This can be used to arrange for office hours, control access to equipment or for any purpose where you need to limit when your students do something.

The first step in using the scheduler is to create the activity.

  1. Click the Turn editing on button in the upper right corner of the screen. Click the Add an activity drop-down menu where you wish your Scheduler activity to display and click Scheduler or, if you are using the activity chooser, select Schedule from the list of resources and activities.  This will bring up the Scheduler setup screen.

    Scheduler setup screen
  2. Type a name for this particular Scheduler instance in the Name field.
  3. Set the other values as needed.  Critical settings include
    1. Mode: This can only be set so a student can register for another appointment after completing one or so that the student can only set one appointment. It is not possible for the student to schedule multiple appointments at the same time.
    2. Default slot duration: This sets the time for each scheduled slot.
  4. Standard activity options are available.
  5. Click on the Save and return to course button at the bottom on the screen.

Setting up the Time Slots

One the schedule has been created, you need to create the time slots that the student can select.  Start by clicking on the schedule name in your course.  This brings up the scheduler interface.

Scheduler Interface

The bottom part of the screen allows you to manually setup a scheduled event for a specific student of group.  Clicking the Schedule button or link brings up a basic scheduling form.
schedule an appointment form
To allow students to scheule themselves, you need to define the time slots that can be scheduled. Click on the Add slots button in the scheduler interface to add a group of time slots.

Schedule add slots interface
Fill in the fields as needed.  Critical ones include,
  1. Date: Date of first slot
  2. Repeat Time Slot Until: Date of last slot
  3. Add Appointments on: Establishes a pattern of slots.  In this case, the slots appear every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  4. Start time: Time of first slot on any day.
  5. End time: Time of last slot on any day.
  6. Divide into slots?: When yes, the period from the start to end time is divided into individual slots of the specified duration.
  7. Duration: Length of each individual slot.
  8. Allow multiple students per slot?: How many students can sign up for a particular slot. This can be set to a variety of values, including Unlimited. This is useful for scheduling group activity or access to shared resources such as specialized lab equipment.
  9. Reuse this slot: If yes the slot is made available again is a scheduled use is cancelled.

Remember to click on Save changes when done.

Using the Scheduler

When the student goes to the scheduler they will see the folloing interface,

scheduler student view
The student merely click on the radio button for the time slot they want.
As the instructor, when you go to the scheduler you'll see which students have signed up for a time.

Scheduler instructor view