How Do I Set Standard Activity Options

Valid for Moodle 2.8.  Updated on 7/14/2015.Whenever you create a new activity of any type there are a variety of options.  Many of these options are shared with most, if not all, other activity  types.

Common Module Settings

Common Module Settings

The Visible options determines whether anybody (other than the instructor) can see the activity.

The ID number is used for complex gradebook calculations.  If you don't know you need this, you don't.

For  Group mode if you select No Group then all students use a single instance of the activity, i.e. all students participate in the same forum. If the selection is Visible groups then each group has a separate activity but any student can see any activity. Separate groups means that each group has a separate and private activity. You can use the pull-down menu to select a grouping that will restrict access to individuals who are members of a group within the grouping.  Groupings are a form of super-group consisting of one or more group.

Restrict Access

Restrict Access Section

Moodle allows you to control access to the activity in a variety of ways. To add a restriction, click on the Add restriction... button to pop up the list of possible restrictions

Pop up list of restrictions

Click on the button for the type of restriction you want to add. As you add each restriction it will appear in the Restrict Access area. Many will require you to provide additional information as indicated by the orange Please Set notice. (This is not a clickable button).

Restriction entries

In this example we have include one of each type of restriction type. Notice that at the top you choose whether these are conditions that the student must or must not meet. Also the student may be required to match all or any of the restrictions. Changing this last setting will reset the conjugation between restrictions to either and or or.

To control by date, specify the date and time. The entry can specify either the start or end time. To control both you will need two entries. The default values are from the current date.

The grade restriction requires you to select a gradable item and set at least one numeric value.

The group option only has meaning in a course with groups and can be used to restrict access to members of a single group. To give access to several groups you can set several group restrictions.

The user profile option allows you to restrict by characteristics of the students. Some are obvious such as last name but other fields are available. However, check to make sure that those fields are actually used in our system before depending on them.

The final option allows you to create an entirely new set of restrictions. By altering whether you are matching all or any restriction with each set, you can construction complex relationships such as

Student must match any of

Restriction set 1 which is

Restriction A and Restriction B


Restriction set 2 which is

Restriction C and Restriction D