Use the Virtual Classroom?

Valid for Moodle 2.5.  Updated on 2/14/2014.The Virtual Classroom activity lets you conduct an online session with your students. Features include a file presentation tool with white board capability, a chat feature, and the ability to send video and audio directly from your computer using its camera and microphone.

Virtual Classroom Layout

Creating a virtual classroom involves little more than selecting it from the list of activities and giving it a name.

Warning:  If you use the camera feature to send video, you can minimize the video display window.  However, this only minimizes it on your system.  The students will continue to be able to see what your camera shows.  To prevent the students from seeing through the camera, close rather than minimize the video display window.

Information about using the Virtual Classroom, also known as the Big Blue Button, is available in some excellent, short videos.