How do I add a student to my course.

Valid for Moodle 2.8. Updated on 4/14/2015.

Unfortunately you can't. All students in the course are pulled from the registrar's database. Individuals appear in your course in the following situations.

  1. They are formally registered for the course.  In this case they will show up with the role of Student-XX.  For Amherst students, XX will be AC. Other endings are possible.
  2. They have petitioned for temporary access to the course. Amherst College student petition through the AC Data System. Five College students will need an Amherst username/password to access ACData. They should use the link available in the Links and Forms section of the homepage. Temporary access is only available at the start of the semester and will go away after all adds and drops have been processed. Students in the course in this status have a role of petitioner-XX.
  3. They have completed and submitted the form to attend the class as an auditor. The form is available in the Links and Forms section of the homepage. The form must be signed by the instructor. There is a slight delay between when the form is submitted and when the individual appears in the course. Students in this status have a role of Student-other.

All students and petitioners have the same permissions in the course.

You can request that an individual be added to your course as a TA. To do this, go to Moodle and then look for the Need Help? block in the upper right. It contains a links to the form to request a classroom assistant.