How Do I Record Audio or Video

This is an Amherst College developed feature. You should not expect to find it on other Moodle installations. It assumes that your computer has a microphone and/or video camera.

Valid for Moodle 2.8.  Updated on 7/21/2015.Almost any place in Moodle where you can add text using the text editor, you can include an audio or video file that you create on your computer. This would include labels, descriptions, wikis, forum entries and so on. The only exception we know about is when creating email. In that case, although the creation appears to work, nothing will be sent with the mail.

To add/create the file click on the audio/visual tool. (For most text fields you'll have to click onl Show editing tools icon in the upper left corner.).

AV Recorder in label interface

This will bring up the AV Recorder window.

AV Recorder window

Click on the Record button and you will be presented with two large icons.

AV Icons

Click on the icon on the left if you want to record an audio file. Click on the icon on the right for video mode. Clicking on either will bring the the Flash settings window.

Flash settings window.

Click on the Allow button. You may need to click on the button a couple of times before it accepts the click. Once it does it will immediately start recording so be prepared. If you get tired of being continually asked for permission and have a Mac computer see our instructions on how to suppress the settings dialogue.

Video recording window

If recording audio, the screen will be blank. The colored scale in the lower left indicates the recording volume while the picture shows the image being recorded. When done click on the Stop button.  The original interface will immediately replace the recording. If you're unhappy with the result you can click the Record button again and repeat the process. When satisfied, click on Insert.

The editor window will now show a link. This link will be replace with a AV control window when the edited text is actually display by Moodle. The following example shows a case where a video file has been added to a forum. There is no other text in the entry.

Audio Visual interface in forum

In another example strictly for faculty members, we put a video file in a label.  That label is the only content for one week.

Audio Visual interface on page.