What Should I Tell My Students about Making AV Recordings?

Valid for Moodle 2.8.
Updated on 7/15/2015.

Giving students instructions for AV recordings

Basic instructions for recording Audio/Visual assignments is provided in Moodle for Students pages at https://www.amherst.edu/help/moodle_help/help4students/av_assignment. You may want to include a link to this page in the assignment instructions. [Warning: this page may be moved soon. If the link no longer works please let Academic Technology Services know.]

There is also a page on the general use of the AV tool within the editor. The page is at https://www.amherst.edu/help/moodle_help/help_4_instructors/adding_audio_video.  You may want to include this link with any activity where you are expecting an audio/visual response.

Alternatively, if you are expecting an audio/visual response in a forum, you may want to copy and paste the following into the forum introduction,

To record your response to a discussion.

  1. Click on the Reply button for the topic.
  2. Give your reply a Subject or use the default..
  3. Click on the image icon in the editor tools.
  4. Click on the Record button.
  5. Select the audio mode by clicking on the microphone icon or select video mode by clicking on the webcam icon.
  6. Click on Allow
  7. Record your response.
  8. Click on Stop.
  9. Click on Insert.
  10. Click on Post to forum.

Note that you will see text in the message box but once you save it will be turned into an audio/video control on the page.  You will have 30 minutes to change your reply.

See https://www.amherst.edu/help/moodle_help/help_4_instructors/adding_audio_video for more detailed help.

Making any changes needed for your particular situation.