How Do I Use the Mass Actions Block?

This block only works with Weekly and Topics course formats. As such, it will not be available from the Add A Block block with other formats. If you add this block while in another format and then switch to Onetopic, the block will remain there but the move option wouldn't work and the other options are prone to error.

Valid for Moodle 2.8.  Updated on 10/26/2015.The mass actions block allows you to apply a single action to a group of content items.  For example, you can move a group of items to a different section of your course in a single action.

The first thing that you'll notice when you add this block to a course is that every content item will have a new, blank box icon at the end of editing content.

mass action icon example
By clicking in the box you select which content items are going to be effected by the mass action.
The block itself offers you several options.
Mass action block
By default the blocks works with the content items you selected. However you also have the option of selecting all the content in the course (useful if you want to delete, hide or show the entire course) or all the contents in a particular section. Selecting content in the block overrides any selections you previously made.
Once you have the correct items selected you can choose to outdent, indent, hide, show, move or delete all the items at one time.  If you are moving, you select the section to move the content to.
Whenever you have the block actually do something with selected items all items will automatically be unselected. To perform two actions on the same set of items you'll need to reselect them between actions.  Also, when an action is performed, the display will shift to the top of the course even if you had previously scrolled down.