What are the Icons I See When Editing?

Valid for Moodle 2.8.  Updated on 7/20/2015.To start creating or editing your course, click on the Turn editing on button in the top right. When editing is turned on, you will see the following icons.

(Note that you may see different icons depending on your course’s Moodle theme. Also note that with a label, the icons appear below the label rather than to the right.)

Edit string

Allows you to edit the name of a resource or activity without having to go into the update interface.


Lets you edit the item's settings.


Pops up a relevant help window.  This is very helpful in explaining various options when setting up resources and activities.

hide icon


Indicates that an item is currently visible to students. Click to hide the item from students. Toggles with Show.


Indicates that an item is currently hidden from students. Click to make it visible to students.  Toggles with Hide.



Lets you indent course items. (Use the corresponding left-arrow icon for outdenting.)


Click and drag this icon to move items around on your page.




Move item


Move to here

An alternate way of moving items on your page. This will appear if your web browser does not support drag & drop moving or the object you're trying to move doesn't support it. 

Click the  icon to choose which item to move.

Click the Move to here icon in the position where you want the moved object to appear.


Deletes a resource or activity from the  course.

Duplicate Creates a copy of the resource/activity.  Useful if you want to make the same resource/activity available at multiple places in the course.  Note, however, that for activities any entries made to the activity are not duplicated and each copy is completely independant of the other.
No Groups No groups for this resource.  Toggles with Groups. For activities content only.
Groups (separate groups or visible groups)
Use groups with this resource.  Toggles with No Groups. For activities content only.
Assign Roles Allows the instructor to change the role of a person relative the resource/activity.
Uploaded files will display the appropriate icon for the file type in front of the file name.