How do I Access a Course I'm not a Member of?

There are three simple ways of doing this.Valid for Moodle 2.8.  Updated on 5/26/2015.

  1. Have someone who is in the course give you the URL to the course. This would typically look something like this, This will not work if the course hasn't been made available to students or guest access to the course is turned off.
  2. On the main campus web site, find the course listing (AcademicsMajorsDepartment/Program NameCoursesCourse Name).  If a Moodle site is available for the course there will be a link to it as part of the course description page.
  3. On the main login page for Moodle, use the link on the right side to jump to a list of guest-accessible courses. If you've already logged in you'll need to logout to get to the login page. With some browsers, notably Firefox, you may have to empty the cache to prevent automatic login.

With any of these solutions you will have to log into Moodle even if only as a guest.  And if you aren't a member of the course, what you will be allowed to do will be limited.