How Does the Gradebook Work?

Valid for Moodle 2.8.  Updated on 8/5/2015.The Gradebook consists on two types of entries.

  • Items are individual activities that are graded.
  • Categories are collections of items which are combined into a single grade. All gradebooks start with a course category that defines the grade for the course. It contains items that are aggregated for a course grade. Additionally it is possible for the instructor to create subcategories. For example, an instructor could create a category for papers.  All the items in that category would be combined into a single grade and then that grade used in calculating the course grade.  It is possible to create subcategories of subcategories.

Categories can use a variety of methods to aggregate scores into a final category grade.

Gradebook Topics

Gradebooks are inherently difficult to work with due to the wide variation in the way faculty grade courses. If the gradebook is simple, many faculty will find that they can't do what they want to. If the gradebook is complex, it will be difficult to work with especially for faculty members with simple grading requirements. Moodle falls somewhere in the middle meaning that it may be either too simple or too complex depending on what a faculty member wants to do.