How do I Add Categories to the Gradebook?

  1. This material is unrelated to the Moodle version.  Updated on 1/22/2014.Go to your course and then go the the Administration block and under Course Administration click on Grades.


  2. This will bring up the grade viewer.  It will also open the Grade Administration interface in the Settings block.


    Click on Categories and Items.  This will bring up two new options.


    To create a new category either the Simple view or Full view will work. In this example, we'll use the simple view.  At the moment there is only one item (Attendance) in the gradebook.  The course level category, History of Information Technology, is shown enclosing all the contents of the gradebook.


  3. To add a category, click on the Add category button to bring up the grade category dialogue. (You may want to click on the Show less... links to make the fields with the green asterisk disappear or the small triangles to make entire sections collapse. The default values for these fields are almost always fine).

    new category interface
  4. The settings in the Grade category section describe the category.  You need to specify the name of the category.  You can also specify how the items in the category are to be aggregated to determine a grade for the category. See the page on grade aggregation for more information. You can also specify if items without a grade are to be ignored in determining the category grade or should they be counted as if they are zero.

    The settings in the Category total  and Parent category sections describe how the category grade fits into the grade total of the enclosing category.  As such the settings are the same as for any individual gradebook item. Make sure that the Maximum grade is correct. Usually the other fields are fine with the default values.

    When done, click on Save changes.

  5. Since we made the course category the parent of our new category, it is shown contained within the course category. The course total would be calculated based on the Attendance item and the Pop quiz total value.


Now that the category is in the gradebook, you can assign new activities to that category, or you can manually create new items within the category, or you can move existing items to the category by checking the items Select box and them selecting the category from the dropdown menu right below the Save Changes button.  Remember to click the Save Changes button whenever you make changes to the gradebook.