How Do I Add Items to the Gradebook

Valid for Moodle 2.8.  Updated on 8/5/2015.

Activity items

Most activities automatically add an item to the gradebook.  In the activity setup you can select which category you want to put the item in.  Uncategorized puts the item directly in the main course category. Most activities have an option for the activity to be ungraded causing it to not be in the gradebook.  Unfortunately, how this is done is not consistent.  For example, with a forum you have to set the Aggregate type to No ratings while for a lesson you have to set Grade to No grade.  Some activities, such as a quiz, force the creation of a gradebook item.  Some, such as choice, can not generate an item.

If an activity is set to create an item in the gradebook, you can't delete the item from gradebook.

Manually Creating Items

In addition to items created by activities, you can create as many items in the gradebook as you'd like.

  1. Go the the Administration block and under Course Administration click on Grades.

    Course admin block
  2. This will bring up the grade viewer.  It will also open the Grade Administration interface in the Administration block.

    Gradeboo admin block

    Open Setup if it isn't already open. To create a new item click on  Categories and items.  At the moment there are no items in this example gradebook.

    Empty gradebook
  3. Click on the Add grade item button.
    Add item to grade book

    Most of the items here can be left with the default values. You will need to give the item a name and assign the possible number of points. 

  4. If you now go back to the Categories and items page you'll see

    Gradebook with one item
    As you add more items and activities, the number size of your gradebook will increase. At some point you'll want to add categories to organize the contents.

Information on modifying the gradebook layout in available.