How Do I Edit and Display Grades

Valid for Moodle 2.8.  Updated on 8/5/2014.To view the grades for your course, first go to the course, then in the Administration block open Course Administration and then click on Grades.

Course administration block

This will bring up the basic grade display.

Grader Report

In this case we have a course with four students.  There is one course level graded item, Media Annotation, that was created by the media annotation activity.  The next column, Papers, is a category. What you see for the category is controlled by the icon to the right of the category name and toggles between just showing the inidividual items (in this case the category only has a single item), just showing the category total, and showing both items and total. The calculated course grade will go in the column to the far right.  At the moment, there are no grades to show.

To edit the grades, start by clicking on the Turn editing on button that to the upper right (not shown).  This is the same button you use to add content to your page.  Once you've turned editing on the display will change to the editing view.

Editing Grader Report

To add or change a grade, just enter the appropriate grade in the box and hit the Update button. You can enter multiple grades at one time and hit Update only once. Values you enter here will override existing entries.  Normally you wouldn't enter anything for the total for a category or the course total; this would be calculated from the individual grades.  If you do enter anything in the gradebook  it will override any calculated values.

The edit icon that's just above and to the right on a grade field will take you to a screen where you can change some properties of the grade and provide feedback to the student.  One of the properties is an Overridden checkbox.  This is automatically set when you manually add a grade. If you've manually entered any values and want to go back to letting the system calculate that grade, you'll need to remove the value in that cell and then uncheck the Overridden box.

After you've entered the grades and turned off editing, the display would show the new entries.

Entered grades

The values in the Annotation tool column come in two colors. TheAnnotation tool was set with 70 as a passing grade. Green indicates a passing grade, red indicates a failing grade. The passing grade value can be set within the Categories and Items page by editing the settings for an item.

The beige color of the cells indicates that these values were manually set.

Note that the Course total column was automatically updated as individual grades were added as would any relevant category totals.

It is not uncommon, as in this example, for the grader report to run off the right side of the screen. If you do a horizontal scroll, the user column will never scroll off the page; rather the other columns will disappear underneath the user column.