What Grade Reports are Available?

This material is unrelated to the Moodle version.  Updated on 1/22/2014.Moodle provides four types of reports out of the gradebook. These can be accessed by going to the Administration block and then under Course administration clicking on Grades. This will bring up the Grader Report. The other reports can be reached by using the pull-down menu at the top of each report or by going to the Grade administration section of the Settings block.

  1. Grader Report - Basic report allowing the instructor to see and change grades. This is extensively discussed on the page for Display Grades.
  2. Outcomes Report - Report for working with teaching outcomes. Since outcomes are primarily used in K-12 schools, we wouldn't be discussing them here. They will be disabled as soon as the Moodle code is corrected so that we can.  See the Moodle.org documentation on Outcomes if interested.
  3. Overview Report - Report of current grade in all classes being taken. This is useful for students but has no meaning to faculty members unless they are also taking a course.
  4. User Report - Shows the grades for a selected user.  This is completely redundant with the Grader Report but does present the information in a nicer and more understandable format. Faculty members can pick which student's grades they want to review. For students, this is what they see when they go to the gradebook (assuming the course settings allow students to see the gradebook) and only shows them their own grades.