Can I See My Students' Quiz Results?

Valid for Moodle 2.8.   Updated on 8/3/2015.To see the results of your students quiz, you need to go the gradebook and look at the grader report. This report shows to the grade for every activity including quizes. In this example we've had to scroll to the right to bring the Quiz category into view. Only one person has taken the quiz so far. If any part of the quiz still needs to be manually graded, such as an essay question, nothing would be listed.

Gradebook view of quiz

To see more detail, click on the name of the quiz at the top of the column.  This will bring up the general quiz report.

Quiz report

The most important part here is at the bottom where every attempt to at the quiz is display.  In this example only one person has attempted to take it and they only did it once.  The entry shows the results the student got on every question.

If one of the questions is listed as Requires grading, then clicking on that message will bring up the grading review.

Question review

To mark the question click on the Make comment or override mark link to bring up the marking interface.

Marking essay question

Simply add the number of points you want to give the student.  You can also make any additional comment that you want the student to see when they review the quiz.

To know more about an individual's attempt, from the grader report, click on Review attempt underneath the username in the general quiz report.  This bring up a user report.

Quiz review for a user

This will present the questions in the same page structure as the original quiz.