How do I log into Moodle

Valid for Moodle 2.5.  Updated on 7/22/2013.

To login, first you will need to get to the Moodle site. There are several ways to get to Moodle including,

  1. Going directly to the moodle site.
  • Go to or  Both addresses refer to the same location.
  • From the main campus web site, pull down the Campus Tools menu and select Moodle.
  • Go to your My Amherst and find the MyAcademicsblock. Follow the link to the Moodle course site.
Going through the department course listing.
  • In the main campus web site, find the course listing (AcademicsMajorsDepartment/Program NameCoursesCourse Name).  If a Moodle site is available for the course there will be a link to it as part of the course description page.

    This is the only way you can get to a course that you are not a member of without knowing the URL.

When you first go to the Moodle site you will see the login screen.

Login screen

You must either log in with your Amherst username and password or login as a guest.  Guest have limited permissions that vary by course.

Please note that the login link in the upper right merely takes you to this page. Use the Login buttons in the center of the screen to login.