How do I modify content after I add it to the course?

Valid for Moodle 2.8.  Updated on 7/21/2015.Most content is changed using the update screen. With editing turned on, click on the Edit text that follows the content item that you want to change and pull down the menu. Click on the Edit settings item.  That will bring up the same page that you used to define the content originally.

Textual changes can be made using the editor. To change options, just enter the new values.

If you uploaded a file or files you change the file simply by uploading a new file.  You’ll probably need to right click on the name of the current file to delete it.

You can’t edit a file within Moodle. To change the contents of a file you must either edit a copy you kept outside of Moodle or download a copy from Moodle and edit it.  After editing you’ll need to replace the current Moodle copy with the new version.

Some activities had options and controls that are not available from the update page. For example, you can’t add new fields to a database from the update page.  Depending on the activity, where you go to make changes varies. In some cases, such as for the database, simply go to the activity and, as an instructor, you’ll see tabs for modifying the database. In other cases you’ll need to look in the Administration block to see administrative options for that activity or resource. Or you may need to look in the Course administration section of the Administration block to find relevant controls.

No matter how you make changes to your content item, make sure that you’ve clicked on any required Save button. While a few changes occur immediately, most will be lost if you don’t save.