How do I use the Quicksets block

Valid for Moodle 2.8.  Updated on 10/16/2015.The Quicksets block - which is usually located in the right column  and which is only visible to course instructors - allows you to change a couple of settings quickly and without having to go to the course settings page.

Quicksets block

The most common use of the block is to make a course visible to students, or to hide it.  Simple click the appropriate Yes or No button and then click on Update settings. You can also make student grades either available or unavailable the same way.

The Visible sections option allows you to set how many of the sections in your course you want the students to see.  For example, if you have sixteen sections, perphaps one for each week, by setting this to 10 only the first 10 sections will be visible. As the course progresses you can slowly reveal more of your site. Remember to click the Update settings button whenever you make a change.

The Edit sections option brings up an interface that allows you to quickly change the title for each section.  It also allows you to reorder the sections but this is not as obvious or convenient as it could be.

The More settings link prints up the courses basic settings interface. This is the same thing you'll see if you go to the Administration block --> Course Administraton --> Edit settings.