Common Resource Options

Valid for Moodle 2.5.  Updated on 8/5/2013.

Whenever you create a new resource of any type there are a variety of options.  Many of these options are shared with most, if not all, other resource types.  Some of the options have advanced features, indicated by a Show more/Show less link.

Appearance Options

The Display pull-down determines how and where the resource is displayed.  Usually Automatic is fine.  We've found that the Open choice is better for pdf files.  Other options include Embed, Force Download, and Pop-up.

If you choose Pop-up then the next two values determine the size of the pop-up window.

Some resource types display on new pages.  The next Display resource name and Display resource description refer to what's display on this page.

Moodle allows for filters that transform some files into more complex forms. The final option determines if these filters are to be applied and if so to what types of file.  See the documentation on filters for more information.

Common Module Settings

The Visibleoptions determines whether anybody (other than the instructor) can see the resource.

The ID number is used for complex gradebook calculations.  If you don't know you need this, you don't.

Restrict Access settings

Moodle allows you to control access to the resource in a variety of ways.

To control by date, specify the start and end time when the resource will be available.  First click the Enable box and then set the date.  If the from is not set then the resource is immediately available. If the until is not set then the resource remains available indefinitely.

You can prevent a student from accessing a resource until they have scored a certain value in one or more graded items.  For instance, you can prevent them from proceeding until they score at least a 70 on a quiz.  Or you could make the review information available if they score below a specified value. Initially you can select a single gradable item, but by using the Add 2 grade conditions to form you can specify additional conditions.

The final option determines how a restricted resource appears before it's available.  The default is that the text is printed in gray.  Alternatively, you can specify that the resource is completely hidden.