How Do I Add a Label

Valid for Moodle 2.8.  Updated on 7/23/2015.

A label allows you to have text, images and media that appear directly on your Moodle course page.

  1. From your course page, turn editing on and go to the Topic or Week in which you want to add a resource.
  2. Click on the Add a resource drop-down box and select Label to get the label interface or choose Label from the activity chooser.

    Label entry form

  3. Enter the text for the label. If you show the editing tools you can add images and links to your Labels by using the image button (a picture of a tree) and the link button (a chain).
  4. For the other sections (not show), see the pages on common resource options. Usually you will not need to change the defaults.
  5. Click one of the two Save buttons at the bottom.

TIP:If you are putting a label between two other pieces of content, you may want to start with a blank line so the label is spaced out a bit from the content above.

The editing menu for a label is located below the label rather than to the right as they are for all other types of content.