How do I stop guests from accessing selected content

Valid for Moodle 2.8.  Updated on 7/21/2015.
  1. Turn on editing.

  2. Pull down the Edit menu that follows the content item and them click on the Edit settings item.

  3. In the Administration block, there is now an administration section for that resource type such as File Module Administration for a file resource.  Click on the Permissions link in this section.

    File module administration menu

  4. Find the View resource capability.  Click on the large X after the entries for Guest. This will block outside guest - those without an Amherst ID - but not individuals who have signed into Moodle using an Amherst username/password.

    File module permissions interface

  5. To block people who have signed in, click on the X following Authenticated User. Unfortunately this will also block instructors and students. You will now need to click on the large + that follows the list of permitted roles. Do not click on the + in the Prohibited column on the right. Clicking the + will bring up a list of roles. Select each role that should have access such as instructor, student-AC, student-5C, teaching assistant and so on. This list can be quite long and regrettably you can only add one at a time.  You may want to check your course's participant list to determine what roles you'll need to add.

For activities, there may not be a single capability or it may not be as obvious as for resources.  For example, for forums the View discussions capability can be used to effectively block access.

If you need to restrict access to a lot of content, you may want to consider blocking guest access to the entire course.