Can I Track What My Students Do in My Course?

Valid for Moodle 2.8.  Updated on 7/21/2015.Moodle supports basic activity logging.  The contents of these logs can be accessed through various reports.

To access the reports, go the the Navigation block on the left, then My Courses.  Click on the name of the course you're interested in.  Then go to the Adminstration block and in the Course Administration area click on the Reports item.

Report List

There are five types of reports


Log reports simple report what is in the log files. You will get an interface that allows you to select what information you want to see.

Live Log

This report shows you what's happening in real time. As such, there isn't many options for you to choose from.

Live Log

Activity Report

The activity report organize information by specific activities which includes resources in this context.  There are no options or settings so clicking on the item in the navigation block immediately brings us the results table.

Activity Log

Participation Report

This report shows who accessed particular resources and activities.  If you check any of the users, you can email them.  This can be useful if you need to remind/threaten students to look at some of the material. You must specify which activity you are interested in.

Activity Log


The statistics report shows the number of people participating in the class at any time. The first field is a pull down that includes all the course titles resulting in a very wide display.There are filtering options for date and role of participants which aren't visible on this screen shot.

Statistics log