Getting a Student's View

Valid for Moodle 2.8.  Updated on 07/21/2015.It's often useful to make sure that the students (or TAs or Course Builders) are seeing what you think they are seeing.  Moodle makes this easy.  In the course, go to the Administration block and then click Switch Role To.... Click on the role that you wish to assume.  The course display will change to based on what a person in that role would see.

To switch back to your original role, click on the Return to my normal role link.  This is located two places; in the Administration block under Switch Role To... and at the top of the display next to the My Amherst link. You can not switch directly between roles without first switching back to your normal view.

Note that visitors who have not logged will have the role of Guest while individuals who have logged in but are not in your course will have the Authenticated User role.

All student and petitioner roles have exactly the same permissions so you use which ever one you want.  If there is no one with a particular role in your class, you wouldn't be able to switch to that role.

We have noticed occasional problems with blocks not switching properly.