How can I change the look of my course using themes?

Valid for Moodle 2.5.  Updated on 11/12/2013.Warning: We have seem some minor problems with some of the themes with Moodle 2.5. Usually they can be ignored, but if they bother you or interfer with your course try using another theme.  And let Academic Technology Services know so we can see if there's a fix or if we need to remove the theme.

In addition to changing the course format, it is possible for you to change the theme used for your course.  Themes control the layout, color and icons of a course. A variety of themes are install on the Amherst server that you choose between. In addition, if you find a theme that you like, talk to Academic Technology about the possibility of our installing it. A good place to look is on the theme plugin page of

To change the theme of your course, go to the course settings and change the Force theme option to the theme you want.