1. In the gradebook, if you hide a category total from the students, any subsequent change to the category, including going into edit and saving changes without making any changes, will unhide the total. This is a known bug within Moodle.
  2. We've received a couple of reports of columns in the gradebook being hidden from students even when set to being visible. The cause appears to be that the grades are being spontaneously marked as manually hidden within the Grader report. The solution is to go to the grader report, turning on editing, and then unhide the column. Since the error appears to be at the level of individual cells you'll probably need to first mark the column as hidden and then reset it back to visible. This will ripple down through the entire column.
  3. Normally, if you scroll right the student list will remain at the left side of the display and the other columns will slide under it. However, we know that the Afterburner, Brick, Fsion, Magazine, Nonzero, Overlay, Social Magazine themes do not support this and the list disappears off of the screen. This can make working with large gradebooks difficult. 
  4. With the Media Playlist resource, you can't use filenames that contain non-Western characters.
  5. With the Media Playlist resource, once you've started any video playing, upon completion of that video it will automatically start the next video. This could be considered either a feature or a bug depending on what you want to happen. Audio files appear to work in the same way.
  6. With the Media Annotation activity, we're currently are have some issues with the search feature for the public media library. You'll generally have better luck searching for a single word rather than a complete title. And to remove a filter you'll need to reload the page.
  7. If a course is guest accessible, the media playlist is available to guests. This is typically true for resources. However, you can adjust the permissions to prevent guests for accessing the media. This can be important if the media is under copyright. See the page on restricting access to selected content for information on how to do this.
  8. Students and faculty should be aware that it is possible to connect individuals to their submission of  an "anonymous" questionnaire. It's not easy to do and to do so without a strong compelling reason would be unethical, but it can be done. It can only be done by someone with access to the log reports so students aren't able to do it.
  9. We've had a case where the AVRecorder tool in the editor wasn't working. The solution was to update Flash to the latest version. This is an old problem and shouldn't impact most people. We'll be removing this warning in the near future.
  10. The iPal activity doesn't allow an instructor to add a new question from within iPal. Instructors need to create the questions in the question bank (available through Administration --> Course Administration -->Question Bank and then add them to iPal.
  11. We've seen mp3 files that don't load successfully into the media player. We're still looking into the problem. The workaround is to use the folder resource instead. For audio files this works very well since most people don't need the built in player and the lack of a preview image isn't an issue.
  12. We've seen the Mass Actions block refuse to work twice in a row. A solution we have seen work is to remove the block after the first time it's used and then immediately added back using the Add Block block.

Updated on 1/26/2016