To enable various off-campus constituents (alums, applicants, Five College students, etc.) to set or change their Amherst password the College maintains a trusted, non-Amherst e-mail address for each of them. This e-mail address is the one referenced when an off-campus constituent wants to set or change the password on their Amherst account.

If you've tried to set or change your Amherst password and received the error message that your e-mail address was not found, consult the list below to learn how you can set or change the trusted e-mail address that Amherst has on file for you. 

  • Alumni: call the Alumni office at 413-542-2313 or e-mail
  • Applicants: follow the instructions at Applicants FAQ
  • Family and Friends of current students (for online access to billing information): Change the e-mail address listed in "Family and Friends Information" in ACData. Students must do this for their family and friends if the family/friends cannot log into ACData themselves.
  • Five-College students: call the Registrar at 413-542-2226 or e-mail
  • New employees: contact Human Resources at 413-542-2372
  • Parent volunteers: call the Alumni office at 413-542-2313 or e-mail

NOTE: Current students (after the start of their first-semester classes) and employees (after their official start date) cannot use the email password reset system. If you are a current student or employee and you need password help, contact AskIT