Submitting an Event to the Amherst College Calendar

The Office of Communications oversees the College Event Calendar and reviews submitted events before they go live. There are two ways to submit an event:

  1. Click here to “Submit an Event” (or click on the “Submit an Event” button located in the left-side menu of the Event Calendar, which links to the same location). Enter your event details and click “Save” to submit the event for review.
  2. Create a new event on any other calendar on the College website and check the box labeled, “Please consider this event for the main college calendar.” This will add the event to the local calendar and submit it for review for the College Event Calendar. Note: If you use this method, you will be unable to edit events after you submit them. Contact a Calendar Administrator if you need to request edits after submitting an event.

Events submissions are reviewd continually and we aim for the shortest possible delay between your submission and the calendar being updated. However, times of heavy submission may increase wait time. For this reason we suggest you submit all events as early as possbile, preferably at least one week before your event is scheduled.


Tips for Submitted Events

Event Essentials

This information is necessary for every event posted to the college calendar.

If your event does not have a clear title, time/date, or location, it may be a better fit for the Daily Mammoth newsletter.


Your event title should be concise, and clearly communicate your planned programming. Please abstain from the use of all caps, hashtags, and time or loctaion information in your title.

Time and Date

If appropriate, select either “All Day” or “Show End Date”.

  • “Show End Date” will be selected by default. When selected, your event will have a specific start and end time and date. If not selected, your event will be open ended and defined only by its start time. This is a good fit for events with indeterminite endtimes, such as athletic games. However, we encourage you to include and end time whenever possible.
  • “All Day” will list your event on a specific date, but without an associated time.
    • Please note that the college event calendar is reserved for specific events, not general notices. As such, ongoing events such as Family Weekend are appropriate to designate as “All Day” while notifications such as submission periods for study abroad programs are not.

Be as specific as possible. The menus do allow for "N/A" or "none" to be selected but these designations should be used sparingly. Look through the dropdown menu carefully to select the appripriate building, or use "Other" and enter your event location manually, with as much detail as possible.


Images are optional, but are one of the best ways to draw attention to your event and should be used whenever possible. Eye-catching images are one of the best way to attract attention to your event.

When uploading images, be sure to include alternate text. This text will be used by screen readers, search engines, or when the image cannot be loaded. This is an important accessibility feauture that will ensure all of the campus community can receive your message. Including a title for each image is optional but can provide additional context, photo credit or information.

Take careful note of the upload requirements for each type of calendar image, thumbnail and large.


This image will be displayed on the event calendar summary page, in the form of a small square image to the left of your event title and description. The uploaded image will be automatically cropped to a square shape if necessary.

  • Acceptable file types: PNG, GIF, and JPG images
  • 750 MB file size maximum
  • Must be 240x240 pixels or larger
  • Because this image is small, any text will be difficult to read. Simple images are best.
  • A thumbnail is required for your event to be featured on the Amherst College homepage.
Large Image

Large Images appear at the top of your event listing page. This larger image is an opportunity to include more detailed visual branding, though any critical information should be included in the text description.

  • Acceptable file types: PNG, GIF, and JPG images
  • 750 MB file size maximum
  • Must be 840x100 pixels or larger.
  • A large image is required for events includedon the Event Calendar featured event highlight.

Event Details and Additional Information

Indicate the type of event, and any necessary directions or a link to more information. These entries should be self-explanatory.

The Event Calendar has a full-text search, so include words in the title and/or description that people might use to search for your event.

Event Description

Your event description should be proofread and conform to the AP Style Guide.

Some common tips on AP Style:

  • Time should be formatted “4 p.m.”
    • Note: No “:00” if not needed, lowercase, periods after letters
  • Jobs and titles should be lowercase, unless they immediately precede the individual’s name, or are formal titles
    • Event Coordinator Davis Bannister OR Davis Bannister, event coordinator are both correct.
  • Please do not use caps lock, hashtags or double spaces between sentences.
Event type

There are seven event types that act as filters for the calendar. If your event doesn’t fit any of these types, select “(other).”

  • Arts, Museums & Performance
  • Athletics
  • Health, Mindfullness & Wellness
  • Information Sessions & Workshops
  • Lectures, Seminars & Readings
  • Meetings
  • Deadlines & Notices*

*Events with the event type “Deadline/Recurring Meeting” display as a single line on the Event Calendar and do not display an image.


Include any necessary directions to find your event on campus. Depending on the needs of your event, this could include parking information, how to find a specific room or building on campus, or how to arrive by public transport. This section may also be left blank. Many campus events do not require additional directions. 

This section is not for event instructions, such as information on how to register. Related information should be included in the event description.

Link to More Info

Enter a web address of your choice in the field labeled URL.

Enter a brief title which will be displayed as a link, which will lead to the URL address. For screen reader accessibility, this title should describe the link destination. (e.g. "Register Here" is preferable to "Click Here"

Contact Information

Enter contact information for a representative how can answer questions regarding the event. The event contact does not need to be the same person submitting the event. Please note that this information is posted publically and not removed unless specifically requested.



people Still need help? Contact a Calendar Administrator.