The Office of Communications oversees the College Event Calendar and reviews submitted events before they go live. There are two ways to submit an event:

  1. Click here to “Submit an Event” (or click on the “Submit an Event” button located in the left-side menu of the Event Calendar, which links to the same location). Enter your event details and click “Save” to submit the event for review.
  2. Create a new event on any other calendar on the College website and check the box labeled, “Please consider this event for the main college calendar.” This will add the event to the local calendar and submit it for review for the College Event Calendar. Note: If you use this method, you will be unable to edit events after you submit them. Contact a Calendar Administrator if you need to request edits after submitting an event.

Tips for Submitting Events

Event Details/Title of event & Description

The Event Calendar has a full-text search, so include words in the title and/or description that people might use to search for your event.

Event Details/Event type

There are six event types that act as filters for the calendar. If your event doesn’t fit any of these types, select (other).

  • Arts, Museums & Performance
  • Athletics
  • Deadline/Recurring Meeting*
  • Health, Mindfullness & Wellness
  • Information Sessions & Workshops
  • Lectures, Seminars & Readings

*Events with the event type Deadline/Recurring Meeting display as a single line on the Event Calendar and do not display an image.

Additional Info/URL, Title

The URL is the link where people can go for further information; the title is simply the name of the link. For example, the link could have a title “IT Website” or “IT Homepage.”

Images/Thumbnail Image

Upload a thumbnail image for your event that will be displayed in the list of events and on the event detail page. The image should be square, at least 240 by 240 pixels, and be in either png, gif, or jpeg (jpg) format.

Images/Large Image

This image is required if you want your event to be considered as a Featured Event on the top of the calendar. The same file types apply, but images must be at least 840 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall.

people Still need help? Contact a Calendar Administrator.