1. Upload the file either by attaching it to an article or using the Contents tab on a page then Add > File Upload.
  2. In the Body text edit area, place your cursor in your article where you want the image or file to go.
  3. Click the Select a file upload button on the toolbar which has a mountain icon (previously was a tree icon). See picture below showing where the button is located in the Body edit menu.
  4. In the Select a file upload window, locate the file that you want to insert.
    If you attached the file to the article you are working with, after some seconds, the file will display in the right side of the window and you can select it.
    If you uploaded files to an Uploaded Files page, use the navigation tree in the left side of window to navigate to that page and select the file.
  5. To navigate to an uploaded files page, the buttons along the top left corner control what is displayed in the left panel. Click on a folder and exand to see subpages as needed. When you locate the webpage you want, the files uploaded to that page will appear in the right side of the window. Click on the file you want to select it.
  6. Customize the options as you want.
    You must enter Alternate text for your image to let screen reader software know what the image is. The Title of the image is what displays when someone mouses over the image. You may wish to make the Title and the Alternate text the same.
    Use the Style drop-down list to set the size of the image. Icon and Thumbnail are small sizes, Standard is about 4 by 4 inches square, and original maintains the original size of the image.
    If using a small image size you may wish to check the option Clicking on the image shows it full-size.

  7. Click Insert.